Ways to Build Corporate Credit

Nobody wants to have to use their personal credit in order to get business credit. This is because doing this can lower your personal credit score and make it harder for you to get the personal credit that you might need later. It is possible to build corporate credit although so that you do not need to use your personal credit history to get credit.

There are a number of articles available on how to establish corporate credit. First you need to set up your business as a LLC or corporation so that your personal credit is not connected to your business. Then you can start to get corporate credit and build up a credit history for your business. This can include getting corporate credit cards with no personal guarantee, getting auto loans in your business name, as well as credit with various vendors and leases for property for your business.

In the beginning when your business is first established it will be harder to build corporate credit since banks will only be willing to lend you small amounts. But as you prove that your business is becoming well established and keep a good record of paying off your debt it will be easier to get larger and larger amounts of credit for your business so that you can continue to expand and grow your business over time. When first getting started it can help if you hold personal accounts or other business accounts with the bank because they will know your personal reputation.

It is important to establish good bill paying policies, as this something that is considered by banks and businesses that are considering giving you credit. It is a part of what is necessary in order to build corporate credit since this is monitored by Dun and Bradstreet and reported in the form of your Paydex score. You want to be sure to pay on time so your business credit score is not badly affected.

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