The Best Platinum Credit Cards

Credit cards are categorized in three different levels; the Standard, the Gold, and the Platinum. Among the three, the platinum card is comprised of more benefits and purchasing power, making it a bit of a status symbol in the society. Platinum cards are desirable because of the benefits and privileges it extends to the customers who are qualified to carry it. Excellent credit and a reasonably income come with the territory in qualifying.

The American Express Platinum card, generally considered the "creme de la creme" of the Platinums because of its benefits such as the highest credit limit up to $ 100,000, VIP treatment given to cardholders, worldwide access and acceptance, travel services, financial services , account online access, and many more as you keep using the card for the longer period of time. Another benefit of the use of the American Express Platinum is the reward points of 1.5 per purchase made.

The MasterCard Platinum is another card accepted worldwide and offers reasonable interest rates for purchases. MasterCard only requires you to pay your bill on time to maintain the reasonable percentage rate (and if you can not pay your bill on time, sometimes it's time to rethink you spending habits before upgrading to Platinum).

The Discover More Platinum is another card that offers convenience through its high spending limits, zero annual fees, attractive introductory APR for purchases and balance transfers for 12 months, and some more rebates on purchases and cash back bonuses. Credit history and details can be accessed through online account access.

Platinum credit cards have a wider range of benefits and opportunities than the silver or gold credit cards. It extends additional services such as concierge services, travel services, and purchases on high class establishments. Once you meet the qualifications of being a high awareness individual with high credit score, you can get this card and experience its benefits and privileges.

The American Express Platinum credit card [] is also offered to business enterprises for their company purchases. The features of the business version are the same with that of the personal card. Some credit issuers offer the platinum business card with no APR on the first twelve months and low APR thereafter, while some offer no annual fee.

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