Should You Get an American Express Credit Card

Having a visa card is almost indicative in today's day and age. Why, since I obtained my American Express credit card, I have been able to partake of a wide variety of goods and services, and that is no joke. Without that American express credit card, I was unable to join the local gym, to order t-shirts off of the Internet, to reserve a plane ticket online – and that is just a few of the basics. It seemed like only a few years ago that cash was the preferred way to purchase things, but those days are now long gone now. All across the country and the world, people are using their Visa, Mastercard card, or American Express credit card to make purchases with money that they do not have for goods which they may not need. Although American Express credit cards are a really convenient way to make a purchase – get it now and worry about it tomorrow – it does come at a heavy cost. Credit card debt is mounting everywhere.

It is true that credit debt is one of the biggest problems that is facing America today, and it is no laughing matter. That is one of the main reasons why I had to cancel my American Express credit card in the first place. Once I had the power to purchase items without parting with my money immediately, I was almost unstoppable spending machine. I would charge everything and anything on my American Express credit card, and soon the costs would spiral out of control. I was dealing with a debt that I could not possibly pay for, and I was literally in a state of panic. I actually had to go through a debt refinancing service to get my credit card debt into some form of a manageable form where I could hope to pay it. The whole situation was a nightmare.

Now, thank goodness, I have gotten my debt paid off and cancelled my American Express credit card. A lot of people would think that it is incorrect to blame it on the American Express credit card, but I think that they do not understand anything about human psychology. When I had to pay with everything in cash, I would know just what I had at any given time. But like I said before, the American Express credit card made everything way too easy. I could spend money like water, and before I knew it, it was all gone. No American Express credit card, no problem.

Source by Joseph Corbett

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