Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard

So you have bad credit, and nobody will give you a credit card. At the same time, you need a credit card to be able to do what it takes to restore your credit, right? It is a vicious circle, and one that can take a lot of time, money, and frustration to get out of-that was before the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard came into existence. Now, people just like yourself have what it takes to be able to get the credit you need to get to the credit that you want. It may sound confusing, but it really is not.

Get Approved Beforehand

Orchard Bank has been known to help people out with credit for some time now, and that goes the most for those who do not have the type of credit that most credit card companies want to deal with. It takes less than a minute to apply; put in your basic information like your name, telephone number, gross income, employer, and social security number and you are taken to a screen with the credit cards that you are approved for. It is a quick and easy process, and once you get to the list of cards you're approved for, if you do not like what you see you can opt out at that point with no penalty to your credit score. How many other credit card companies can boast such a thing?

Fill Out a Real Application for Credit

Once you have decided on the credit card that you want to go with, if you do decide, then the next thing to do is fill out the application. This is the real application where your credit will be dropped and it might cost you a few points in the process. This is okay for those who have bad credit but plan to be responsible with their cards, as the few points it takes to pull your credit will be well worth the credit you obtain in the process. The Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard is yours after the application is filled out in full and approval is final, and if you want the company can even rush the card to your door so you can get to using it immediately.

Take a Look at the Benefits

Take a look at the benefits of the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard and those cards in its family. Zero percent liability, free online account management, your choice of payment due dates, reporting to the major credit bureaus – for a person with bad credit starting out on the road to credit recovery, what more could ask for than what is offered with this Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard?

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