No Credit Credit Cards – Erase Blots On Your Credit History

Being a college student I had a very long and hard time getting a credit card. Everywhere I applied at required a credit line or a co-signer. To me this was very unfair to do because I was responsible, but the only way to prove that was to already have a preexisting credit line. This is one of the many reasons why no credit cards are a good thing.

Credit cards are not as simple as an online credit check, possible proof of employment and no stress to having a old credit line. This is one of the ways to join the rest of society. Credit cards are nifty because of the fact you do not need to carry around cash which can be very dangerous. It also allows you to purchase something when you do not have the funds on hand at the present time.

I have been through situations when I badly needed a loan and I was refused. I have also seen my credit card application being rejected. The underlying reason has always been a bad credit history. I was not born with a fall-back option, and I had no credit line at all. How could have I done something which could have been resolved in a better credit history. I wish I could get myself one of those no credit credit cards without getting grilled too much about my credit history.

Credit report monitoring is a fantastic, sensible asset to any liable person who has built up a respectable credit history. (As you know this takes time and careful management). How does credit report monitoring work? Simply and effectively, it enables you to monitor your own consumer record and information is available at all times. You will know if anyone has attempted to tamper with your personal credit line. If someone steals your identity or credit card details it's awful, both financially and emotionally. You've worked hard for your achievements, do not let anyone steal any of it! Let credit report monitoring be your protection against this kind of soul destroying theft!

Being a college student I am included in the typical stereotype of people who are irresponsible with money, and can not keep purchasing under control. Not true for everyone. Almost all students who have this problem have someone to fall onto if their financial condition collapses. I however do not, and I do not have anyone have to cosign me if I need assistance. This is a extremely unfair situation. If it were not for no credit cards then I would be completely and utterly out of luck.

A flat tire, new books, last minute bill, and the confidence that you are financially approving is worth having and is only fair to be offered to everyone. No credit credit cards gives you the financial confidence you need to start out with to make smart financial decisions for a long productive financially sound life.

Source by Daniel Lesser

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