Merchant Services – Find Out What Your Wireless Business Is Missing

As a business owner, you may think you're operating on all cylinders. After all, you've gone wireless, but have you opened a merchant account that is doing all it can to improve your business?

No matter what type of business you own, or the size of business you are operating, there is a merchant account that is right for you. With the right choice, you can attract and keep more customers and improve your bottom line. A merchant account can create efficiencies for your business that you did not know was possible.

· If yours is a bricks and mortar store, you need countertop terminal equipment so you can manually swipe your customers' credit cards. Did you know that with integrated reporting packages designed for your retail business, you will be able to track sales goals and set new, more accurate goals?

· If you primarily conduct business online, you need a service that lets you process "card-not-present" transactions. Your online package needs a gateway to the Internet and virtual applications so you can process payments in real time, while ensuring the security of your customers' credit card information.

· If your business is literally on the go, you will need a wireless account so that you can accept credit card payments from your car, your customers' residences and places in between. This system can be set up to allow you to accept payment over your cell phone or via a wireless terminal. Get help figuring out which option is best for you.

A merchant account will instantly give your business more credibility. Your customers not only favor plastic transactions, but many simply will not do business with cash. You need to meet your customers' needs and expectations. A merchant account will do both.

There are many merchant service providers from which to choose. Invest some time to find the one that meets your needs – and then exceed your needs – all at a price that works for your business.

Remember, merchant accounts can do far more than simply process your online payments through a credit card terminal. They can also process electronic checks and ATM and debit cards. They can help you offer gift cards and even cash advances. If you are not offering these additional services through your business, what's your excuse? Open a merchant account that not only services your business, but also helps you service your customers with these extras:

· Cash Advance :
Need an influx of cash for your business, but do not want to go through the hassle of applying for a loan? Maybe the holiday season is approaching and you need to boost your inventory, but the cash is not there. Apply for a cash advance from your merchant account. Approval is based on the volume of your sales, which the merchant service can easily check – since it is already processing your credit card charges. You can quickly have the cash you need to invest in your business.

· Up-to-date Equipment :
The best merchant service companies stay up-to-date on equipment and services that your business needs. Ask for a review of the equipment you're using. Maybe an upgrade is in order. Do your delivery people have the wireless units that they need to process orders? Are you able to get approval of e-checks? After a review of your equipment, the right provider will know how to streamline the equipment that you are using to make transactions more efficient. Your customers – and your staff – will appreciate the improvement.

· Reasonable Rates :
The right equipment and merchant services are a cost of doing business-but the price should be something that works for you. Not all suppliers have the same rates. Check out multiple companies and compare setup charges and specific fees – such as per-transaction fees, discount rates and monthly fees. Before you sign on the dotted line, remember that the lowest fees may look good, but may not be ideal. Those services that charge you more may actually be offering you more security, quicker service and better customer service. The extra cost may be buying exactly what your business needs to set yourself apart from your competition.

· Gift Cards :
The days of paper gift certificates are long gone. Today, businesses want to offer gift cards with their logo and their name. You will earn interest on the cards and retain the proceedings on any portion of the gift card that goes unredeemed.

· Escrow Services : An escrow service is primarily utilized for high-end purchases. It basically holds the customer's payment in a safe, third-party escrow account until he reports satisfaction with the purchase. Once that occurs, the business is paid by the escrow account. If the customer is not satisfied, the escrow service coordinates a return of the payment and the merchandise.

Merchant services can help your business operate more efficiently and increase convenience for your customers in a variety of ways. Find a merchant account that works for you today.

Source by Erica Silverr

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