Low Apr Credit Cards

APR or annual percentage rate is the combination of low interest rates and finance charges on a credit card. Usually, low interest credit cards offer low APR on purchases made by the customer, with the card.

Most of the credit card companies offer benefits that include special cash back incentive programs and airline miles rewards programs. These cards generally tend to have a higher interest rate than cards that do not offer any programs. A customer can get a rewards credit card with an affordable interest rate.

There are cards that offer 0%, low interest and high interest annual percentage cards. It depends on the customer to decide which card suits him the best. If a person keeps credit pending over a long period of time, then it is best to opt for a low interest annual percentage rate credit card. The zero percent on annual percentage rate credit cards is generally for a short time, during the introductory phase.

The cheap credit card is meant for a person who will carry forward a balance on the credit card from purchases each month and is not interested in receiving a number of special benefits or rewards programs from his credit card.

If the customer is not in the habit of using the credit card very often and also paying the credit card balance completely, then it is advisable to go in for a slightly higher percentage interest credit card, with added benefits of cash back and other reward programs .

Low interest rates should not be the only criteria for claiming a credit card to be a good one. There are various features that the customer should take into account before selecting any one credit card. This event rests on the card owner's personal financial status and his preferred payment pattern.

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