List of Major Credit Card Companies

There are many different credit cards companies in existence today. Hundreds of credit cards are offered every day to potential new customers from all the different companies. They are marketed through various banks and other financial institutions, not only in US but worldwide.

One of the best known major credit cards is VISA which is known all over the world. Visas have grown into a largest and most widely used payment brand in the world. Visa allows banks and other financial institution to issue Visa cards in its name and it's more than 50 years of existence.

The in charge of processing all the visa credit cards transaction all over the world is done by Visa International and company owned by more than 21,000 member financial institutions. They are one of the world's largest payments processing system. There is more than one billion visa branded cards with cardholders in more than 150 countries which comes to $ 3 trillion in transaction every year.

One of the best is the MasterCard also which is accepted all over the world. Also do transactions and are processed through MasterCard's huge electronic processing network to make it easier and faster before to make a payment no matter which part of the world. Most of the leading companies are connected with the banks such as CITI bank, American Banks, etc.

American Express Credit Cards are also one of the best worldwide and this was founded in 1850 which began as express delivery company years ago and now it has added a wide range of cards to its list of offers. The first charge cards for more than fifty years are the American Express as pioneered.

One Affiliated with Visa or MasterCard brand is Amex. Amex is one of only two issuers and evolved into financial services company offering different types of financial products such as money order and travelers check.

Lately is the Discover Card which is issued by Discover Financial Services which was founded in the year 1986. This Discover card is not affiliated with Visa and MasterCard but has own own US payment network. It makes it marks as a leading innovation in the line of credit card industry and has customer loyalty among leading brands in year 2007. Discover Card is one of the leaders in cash back credit cards where in offers up to 5% cash back on a certain purchases. What an amazing kind of card.

As you all know, these cards are used almost in all day to day transaction from buying daily needs such as milk, coffee, food, etc. Seems credit is a form of cash money to everyone who has it.

One should bear in mind that credit card is for emergency purposes where the priority which you have to use on this is your needs not your wants in life.

In applying for a major credit card without prior experience to credit history may obtain one more more difficult process since credit history is needed to measure your ability to pay and allows the issuing company to provide you with a credit limit where in they can give you the payment plan that can suit your lifestyle and personality.

So one must think and plan first before obtaining a major credit card and which company suits your needs best.

Source by Gordon H. Smith

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