Five Ways Merchant Services Can Improve Your Restaurant's Bottom Line

In the restaurant industry, having the right merchant services is very important. Check out these five areas that will improve the speed and cash flow of any restaurant.

Flexible and Fast Payments

Time is everything in a restaurant. That's why you need merchant services that can improve the speed of the payment process, offering fast connections and instant approvals-or even no signature required approvals.

When you are signed up with the right merchant service provider, you'll enjoy a myriad of flexible options that can be customized for your business. You can let customers have a running tab, or add tips after a transaction has been authorized.

Separating a single bill among several different customers can be an easy task with the right payment processing system. Track all transactions with a name or tracking number, and combine the bar tab with the dinner check to make payment one simple, smooth process.

Get to know the different features of your merchant service provider that will increase the speed and reliability of customer transactions, and your company will reap the benefits.

State of the Art Credit Card Terminals

The right credit card terminal will not only improve the speed of the payment process, but it will also simplify things to make payment easier on both the customer and the server. For instance, the VeriFone Omni 3750 Credit Card Terminal has an easy to use design that can be handed to customers at the bar or counter.

Combining a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal PIN pad, and no-jam thermal printer, this terminal has all of the features that any restaurant owner would want. Add to this the useful applications like age verification and gift card processing, and you have one impressive set up that will help improve the speed and accuracy of any restaurant.

Another option is to go wireless with the Way Systems MTT Wireless Credit Card Terminal. Do you offer curbside pickup at your establishment? A wireless system is essential for pickup orders, allowing you to meet the customer at their convenience and improve customer service.

This terminal features flawless GPRS coverage so that it can work virtually anywhere, and it supports all major processors. From the sleek design that fits in the palm of your hand to the tips function and available 24/7 Help Desk, this wireless terminal is popular with restaurant owners everywhere.

No matter which credit card processing terminal you choose, be sure that it fits the needs of your business.

Online Payments

Stay ahead of the competition and develop a company website featuring not just your menu, but also the ability to order and pay online. Crucial for restaurants offering delivery, an online ordering system will free up your restaurant's phone lines so that your staff can focus on the orders going out as well as the customers dining in.

Be sure to find the right merchant service provider that offers a fast and secure connection with built-in fraud detection that will protect personal information. You can also personalize your site with customizable plug-ins and add-ons through many merchant services. Give your customers the ability to order online and you'll be amazed at the results.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

For a stable and ever-growing client base, incorporated gift and loyalty card programs into your business. Gift cards are a great way to introduce new customers to your establishment, and it's often the case that a customer will spend more than the balance on their gift card. Many customers will not redeem their card at all-and who does not want free money?

Another useful option for your restaurant is to create a loyalty card program. Not only will this provide your company with customer information that is critical in marketing, but it will also encourage customers to visit your store regularly by keeping your brand highly visible through fliers in the mail or cards in their wallets.

Offering coupons or a points system to reward frequent customers is a great way to grab attention and generate more business. Whether you decide on gift cards, loyalty cards, or both, you'll increase the number of repeat customers as well as boost your company image.

Treat Checks Like Credit Cards

Do not let a slow down down your cash register. Look for products like the VeriFone CR 1000i Check Reader that will convert a customer's check into an electronic document. This reduces the cost and time that goes into handling, processing, storing, and collecting checks.

This sleek and slim check reader will scan the image of every check, and then send that information to a separate modem that handles the large image files. Fast and easy, a check reader will keep your records up to date and improve any check handling system.

If you've been looking for more ways to improve your restaurant's bottom line, consider getting the very most out of your merchant services.

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