First Time Credit Card Applications

There are many sources where you can file a first time credit card application. These include banks, credit companies and other agencies. The Internet is the easiest way to locate your preferred credit card company.

When applying for a credit card, most companies need information such as name, age, address, social security number, any former address of yours, occupation, employer, and annual household income. These details are adequate for the credit company to verify your credit history, which is the major criterion for approval or rejection. Annual percentage rate (APR) often varies with your credit score. That is, a high score will get you a low APR.

Most first credit card application forms contain certain clauses written in fine print. Company salesmen are often outspoken about the advantages of their transactions. But these fine prints often carry conditions that are disadvantageous to you. One important thing to check is the APR. Most credit companies tempt you with a low initial APR score. Remember that it is the long term APR you should weigh most, not the short term.

A US citizen who is 18 years of age or older (the limit is lower in some states) has the legal right to demand a credit card with any US bank. Typically, credit card providers do not want a bank account to get a card. It is also possible to request many credit cards at a time. But multiple applications can affect the credit score negatively.

With great competition existing in the credit card market, most credit card providers look for an easy means to attract new businesses. They provide special gifts on many occasions such as Christmas and holiday shopping seasons.

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