Fastest Way to Repair My Credit


I spent a lot of time searching for the fastest way to repair my credit. As a result of my efforts, I immediately improved my credit score and got more credit and closed on a home was the very best interests rates.

I had a series of bad credit mistakes, including an auto repossession, several loans that went unpaid for over a year and a number of delinquent accounts. This did not look good on my credit report, and I felt the pain. I was literally denied by several landlords and had trouble renting an apartment. Finally I found a friend that was willing to sign the lease for me in his name, which was a bit embarrassing.

I had enough though. I was being harassed by collections agencies at work, repeatedly receiving threats of lawsuits and garnished wages, and it was making life very difficult. If I wanted a car loan, I could not get one, and my $ 500 credit card limit was not helping much either. But I had ambitions to buy a new home and get my act back together.

I turned things around, paid off most of my debts and came on good terms with my creditors, but that was not enough. A few years after I was in good graces with everyone, I started to search to buy my first home. I spent hours looking and dreaming the perfect place, and I found it – only to be denied for a mortgage.

I was crushed, but I took action and started doing research. I was a new person, capable and willing to pay back my debts, and there was no way I was going to let my poor credit history haunt me for life. I was also not about to pay thousands of dollars for a credit counselor because I knew that most of them were just crooks and they did not do anything I could not do completely on my own.

In fact, I found out exactly what it is that credit counselors do to promptly improve credit ratings. I dug up those little secrets and applied them, and quickly found a way to repair my credit. Just a short time later not only did my credit card limit shoot through the roof, but I was immediately able to get the mortgage I needed to buy my home. What blew me away is that not only did I get approved for the loan, I got the very best rate. I shopped around to try to get a better rate and the banks could not believe what a great deal I was getting.

These secrets I uncovered not only saved me thousands of dollars in counseling fees and interest rate payments, but it allowed me to get the home and credit I needed. Now lenders are begging to do business with me.

Source by Ryan J. Taylor


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