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Having an excellent credit score grants a long list for privileges offered by the finance industry. If you have a good credit score, your e-mail and your desk will be teeming with credit card offers especially if you are currently employed and you are enjoying a significant high take home pay on a monthly basis.

If you have an excellent credit history, the credit cards that will be offered to you will usually have no annual membership fee. This saves you a lot of money since there will be no need to pay for your card processing and maintenance. If you are a big seller and you just love spending, having an excellent credit limit will also increase your purchasing power since you will not only have high credit limits. Instead, most credit card offers will no longer have over-the-credit-limit fees.

In addition, you can also get maximum introductory periods. Instead of getting a Zero interest rate and a zero balance transfer rate for the first three or six months, yours will extend to one whole year. Such benefit will allow you to save a lot of money which could have been wasted other on high interest rates. Moreover, you will also get a significant low interest rate even after the introductory periods end. Instead of getting variable rates which can go way up high to as much 19.99%, your credit card purchases will only incur 10.99% on the average.

Having an excellent credit score will also equate to more opportunities. Undeniably, more financial institutions and lending companies will find you very credit worthy. As a result, you will always be provided with highly competitive offers matched with instant and guaranteed approvals. Below are some of the most notable credit cards for those who have excellent credit scores:

Blue from American Express

This has a 0% APR on all your purchases for the first 12 months of your card use. In addition, you will also have a very low balance transfer rate of only 2.99% for the first year. There are also no annual fees. If you avail of this card, you can access the Membership Rewards Express® program and you can earn points and rewards that you can redeem for gift cards, entertainment expenses, travel expenses, and merchandise purchases.

Citi® Platinum Select®

This card will provide you with a Zero percent interest rate on your purchases matched with Zero percent balance transfer rates for the first 12 months of your card use. There are also no annual fees. Moreover, you will get added security and protection as your card becomes subject to the Citi® Identity Theft Solutions that provides $ 0 liability on any unauthorized purchases made using your card.

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