Do You Make the Cut? – Visa Black Card Requirements Review

Shopping till you drop can actually get tiring for a select few for whatever limitless credit is already passé. While for most people credit cards can still lead to payment problems, if you happen to be the few who know the true meaning of spending and want nothing less than luxury, the Visa Black Card may be for you. Setting you apart from the rest of the card holders across the country begins with the carbon card itself, which is not simply extravagantly dark, but not your old neighbor's plastic. So do you have what it takes to own a Visa Black Card?

Immaculate Credit Score

A good credit score rating can get the average American a decent credit card with good payment options and low interest loans. But when you aspire to be nothing but the elite 1 percent of the population for whatever the Visa Black Card is targeted, you need nothing less than perfection on your credit score rating. Check you credit report and make sure you have the immaculate financial history that opens the gates to the Black Card.

Big Spender

If you think that Visa Black Card is for everyday purchases in the neighborhood grocery store, you are wrong. No matter what doomsday portraits are shown on the television and no matter what brunt the stock market may be already carrying on its shoulders, you have got to have enough class and dependency on luxury to spend big no matter what. If you spend less than $ 50,000 a year, the pure-black graphite card is not for you. The Barclay Company behind this Visa Card, after all, is intent on catering to the needs of a few uber-rich individuals which spending matches thousands among the common masses.

As part of the Visa Black Card requirements, an annual fee of $ 495 is also paid, which should not really mean much when you are planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. The card is also limited to people living within the US, and with a social security number.

Perks Galore

What's in it for you in return? If you can afford the annual fee and actually manage to get the card, there are perks galore waiting for you. Since the target market for this particular product are the elite who wants nothing but the best, the Visa Black Card offers unlimited concierge services that can get you essentially anything you want. After all, there is not much point in climbing the economic ladder if at the zenith you find nothing less than the satisfaction of all your fancies.

So if you fancy your own custom-designed yacht or a trip to exotic islands in the Pacific by the time you wake up next morning, your Visa Black card and the concierge service is up to the job. Aside from this, the company has also hooked up with top labels and designers to provide you gifts throughout the year, and even offers a 1% money back offer. Of course, if your expenses reach hundreds of thousands, a thousand dollar return probably doesnt mean much.

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