Desperate For A Credit Card? How To Have Any Credit Card You Desire

As discussed in my popular report, "How to obtain a first class credit rating", starting with little more than $ 500, it is possible to build up your credit ratings with banks to allow you to borrow considering sums of money.

As long as you have always made payments by the agreed time, if not sooner, you can move to yet another step in the credit procurement program.

Begin with a Visa or Mastercard from all the banks that you have borrowed from. After all, they have seen that you are able to handle credit, and this will be reflected in your credit rating. Then apply for credit cards from any other bank which provide cards.

You will notice that some credit cards offer a preferential rate of interest. This is because they wish to attract new customers, who will then consolidate their borrowing from several sources into this new, lower interest credit card.

On applying to the bank issuing this lower rate card, the bank might assume that you are going to consolidate all your borrowing into this account, and with your excellent credit rating will issue a card with little fuss. Once you have received the new lower interest card, you are under no obligation the cards you already have.

As mentioned in my other report, apply for and obtain as many cards as you get. Providing that you have denied your repayments agreements on all loans and cards, there is no reason why you should have refused any cards for which you apply.

Once that all important credit rating has been achieved, as we outlined in "How to obtain a first class credit rating", credit card companies will see you as a good risk, and from their point of view, will be eager to have you as a card-holder. After all, they hope to make money out of you.

Once a first class credit rating has been achieved, from time to time, credit card companies that have you assessed as a good risk, will sell your name and address to other card companies within the financial group to which they belong, or to others who are not directly in competition to them.

In other words, other credit card providers will be eager to take you on board because you are a good risk, and they in turn hope to make money out of you.

If you have ever been denied a credit card, this must be annoying – so the sooner you begin your program of creating a first class credit rating, the sooner you can turn the tide of how banks and lenders rate you.

Source by Andre Vas

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