Credit Cards That Do not Require a Credit Check

If your credit score is less than perfect you are probably feeling pretty discouraged. Bad credit due to financial hardship beyond your control can be a helpless feeling but you're not alone. With the economy being the way it has been, there are scores of people who have maybe defaulted on credit cards or declared bankruptcy due to lost jobs.

Loans are you will have a hard time getting credit through a bank or lender these days. Due to the economic crisis they have tightened up their approval system due to so many defaults over the years. Bad credit will most certainly be a problem and they always do credit checks. They will most likely ask you to find a co-signer for your loan or credit card.

No matter how you earn your bad credit score, there are options available. It really is going to depend on what you need or what best suits you. Perhaps you need a personal credit card for emergencies or online shopping, or a business card for booking flights, hotels and rental cars. The popular choices available today are prepaid and unsecured cards. Secured cards are another option but you need to have some sort of collateral or equity to obtain them.

Let's assume you do not have collateral, equity or a co-signer. First option is a prepaid credit card. A bad credit score will not stop you from getting one. They are simple cards that you load ahead of time with cash. You can spend as much money as is on your prepaid credit card and the company's do not do credit checks. Just find someone who offers them and get one. The drawback is your card does not in any way affect your credit score either.

Unsecured credit cards are just what their title says. You do not need any sort of "security" to get one. They are usually the cards offered by banks and financial institutions. Again chances are that with a bad credit score, you probably will not get one. If you decide to try go with your bank as you will have at least a history with them.

When all else fails there are lenders online who offer what is called "bad credit cards". This means that of your bad credit history, you can apply for and most likely be approved for their credit cards. Look for the lowest interest rate possible as traditional unsecured cards may charge you a higher interest rate. First Millennium Platinum Card boasts a zero percent APR as long as you make your payments on time. An easy way to ensure this is to open a savings account that automatically makes your payments for you. Just make small deposits every pay.

If you do not want to wait days for approval after you apply for a credit card, the First Millennium Platinum Card has a quick application form with sixty second approval. Some card providers take up to seven business days to approve. First Millennium Platinum Card will not require a credit check either. They specialize in cards for people with bad credit.

Need a little extra cash until payday? First Millennium Platinum Card will give you cash advances. Then when you get paid just make a payment. Payday loans can get you into a helpless cycle of debt with their ridiculously high interest. I'd avoid them at all costs. Check out First Millennium Platinum Card online. On time payments will help re-establish good credit and get you back to where you once were.

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