Credit Card Offers – Using Promotional Offers To Pay Off Debt

Beware of the special and introductory offers at ridiculously low interest rates. It's generally a bad idea to use credit cards to consolidate debt. I get bombarded with offers of anywhere from 1.99% – 4.99% credit cards all the time.

With 5 year mortgage rates hovering in the 5.99% range today for people with perfect credit how can credit card companies accord to offer a 1.99% rate on an unsecured credit card? They can but only in the short term to get your business.

I read the fine print on the back and the promotional rate only lasts for 9 months after which it goes up to the non-promotional interest rate of 19.99%. One offer did not even tell me what the non-promotional rate was on the furnished offer; I had to look it up on their website to find out. In many cases promotional interest rates are based only on balance transfers; what that means is you only get the lower interest rate if you move other credit card balances to the new card being offered.

Be careful and do your homework, we have seen many people lured by special offers only to find when the promotional period ends so do their chances of paying off the debt.

People can get into trouble if they do not read the fine print and see what they are signing up for; when things appear to be too good to be true they are usually.

For credit cards follow these simple rules of thumb and (1) never charge anything to a credit card you can not afford to pay off in full when you get the bill. (2) Credit cards and promotional offers should never be used to finance a lifestyle you can not afford. (3) Live within your goals and save money every month, rainy days do come and sometimes when it rains it pours so it's a good idea to have 3 months salary in the bank.

If you are drowning in debt, pay it off. If you can not and need help then look for the assistance of a reputable debt settlement company that will take the time to provide a free assessment on your situation.

Source by Richard G Cooper

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