Chase Platinum Business Card Review

Chase is indeed one of the rarer providers of credit cards with 0% introductory APR for up to 12 months on purchases and balance transfers. Featuring no annual fee and a multitude of features including up To $ 35,000 Credit Limit for the cardholder. To top off all the standard features like 20% savings on computer equipment, office supplies, and more. Therefore if one is setting up say an IT or business demanding an office environment, the Chase Platinum Business Card could very well pay for itself. Still there is one issue I have with this scheme and I will cover that in a bit.

Cardholders are also extended a number of cherry benefits such as emergency and travel assistance, purchase protection and travel accident insurance. The current fees noted in the offer were nothing out of the ordinary whatever by my reckoning. One can telephone Chase at 800-943-8229, from within the United States to get the latest information. This is done by Chase and the major credit card issuers to make sure that the consumer can get the most updated information on any particular credit offer.

If you wish you may transfer balances you may have other major cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). Do note that the available credit on your new Chase Business Card will be reduced, just as if you had made a purchase. The balance transfer amount or amounts will show up on your first statement for your new card. Your other credit card account or accounts will not be closed even if you transfer your balance balance or balances. Therefore, one would have to contact your old company and follow their procedures for doing so.

Overall, the Chase Platinum Business Card is a very attractive card to have. Particularly if you are considering making a major purchase of computer equipment or office supplies. The only thing I find missing in the disclosures available is that it is not stated where exactly, at what retailer, can one receive the 20% discounts mentioned. This I figure to be an important detail as not all retailers are available in all areas.

Source by Sam Donaldson

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