Benefits of Using a Platinum Credit Card

If you are in a good position financially you are in a great position to enroll in a platinum credit card program. If you are still using your old regular credit card, but could qualify for platinum, you are missing out on the many benefits offered by a platinum level card. These benefits can save you both time and money.

There are many benefits of using a platinum card for travelers. The benefits that most people are aware of are free airline miles, but there is so much more. At the airport your platinum credit card may allow you access to exclusive airport lounges where there are free snacks, drinks and WIFI internet access. Additionally at the airport, you may be able to skip the long lines at the check in counter and airport security check points.

One of the other great benefits of using a platinum credit card for travelers can be utilized when you are renting a car. The insurance rate offered by offered rental car companies is expensive. These cards often provide insurance when you use their card to pay for the rental car fees.

If you like free upgrades you will love owning a platinum card. By using your card you can receive upgrades and late check-out at luxury hotels around the world. You can also receive upgrades to first or business class when you purchase your tickets with your card.

Business owners can enjoy the benefits of owning platinum cards too. While regular credit cards give you low credit limits, platinum credit cards offer $ 25,000 limits or even no spending limits at all. This is a great feature allows business owners to make purchases to enable them fill pending orders without getting the bank involved.

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